Initiative for Racial Equity and Justice

Allison Garcia Photography 2020 ©

As educators we are charged with the responsibility to help students learn about the important history that has shaped the world we live in today, build their capacity for critical thinking and encourage them to participate in civic engagement to help make their communities safer, more just, and prosperous. It is essential that we prioritize equity in our schools and communities by embracing courageous conversations about race so that we can collectively transform our schools and communities into places of love, safety, accountability and equitable opportunities. This is an opportunity to embrace our individual responsibility and inspire our youth to exercise their civic voice to transform the world they will inherit and lead.

- Dr. Faris Sabbah, Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools

The purpose of this initiative is to provide a dynamic hub for educators engaging in courageous conversations about race and equity with each other and their students by providing both links to online resources and an ongoing community of practice on racial justice for local educators.

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